March 2020 archive of Announcements

March 2020 archive of Announcements

Announcements - March 18, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 3/18/20

The text of this announcement post was emailed to parishioners on the morning of Wednesday, March 18. One change has been made since the email was sent - that being the time for RCIA to meet, which is now 10:30 AM on Sunday.  If you did not receive the ... Read More »

Corrections to Calendar: March 8, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 3/09/20

It has come to our attention that the calendar of this week’s events as published in Sunday’s bulletin for March 8, 2020 was incorrect.  Below is a corrected calendar of events for your information of the happenings at our parish this week.  We sincerely apologize for this error and ... Read More »

Announcements - March 8, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 3/06/20

Each Friday during Lent please join us for stations of the cross at 5:30 PM followed by Knights of Columbus fish fry in the Burleigh Center.

  There are prayer cards on the table in the foyer for our RCIA candidates. Please feel free to take some cards to ... Read More »

Memo from Bishop Francis I. Malone Concerning the Coronavirus

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 3/03/20

Memo to:    Clergy, Religious and the Faithful in the Diocese of Shreveport

From:          Bishop Francis I. Malone

Date:            March 2, 2020

Re:               Active Response to the Coronavirus

The increasing growth and spread of the coronavirus has become a worldwide threat.  We hear daily reports of its spread with few ... Read More »


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