Reflections from Father Mark

Reflections from Father Mark

New Horizons: Conversion: God’s Call and Our Response

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 9/25/20

St Augustine was born in Northern Africa in 354.  His young adulthood included fathering a child out of wedlock and leaving the Catholic faith.  His personal life was one of journeying away from faith.  In his 20’s Augustine moved to Milan, Italy where he became a professor of rhetoric.  ... Read More »

Care for Our Common Home

Posted by Brandy Boudreau on 9/18/20

Each year, from September 1 to October 4, the Christian family unites in a worldwide celebration of prayer and action to protect our earth called Season of Creation.   Therefore, during this time, I will summarize Pope Francis’ encyclical concerning the environment, Ladauto Si. 

Experiencing Nature with Wonder and Awe

... Read More »

New Horizons - Forgiveness & Accountability

Posted by Brandy Boudreau on 9/18/20

In every family there is a at least one story of unforgiveness.  One of those stories happened many years ago in my family on Christmas night.  The family had gathered at the home of my Grandparents on the East Bank of the Mississippi River in New Orleans.  That night ... Read More »

New Horizons - Faithful Citizenship

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 8/28/20

The election for President of the United States has begun a vibrant national debate concerning the direction of our country. An aspect of our faith includes being involved in the political process. The Bishops of the United States assist us in this process through publishing, every four years, Forming ... Read More »


Posted by Lori Mainiero on 8/14/20

The theme which ties each of today’s readings is that God’s salvation is universal and so all are invited to share this wonderful gift.  Both the Old Testament and New Testament present salvation as coming through the Jewish People.  We understand that we are saved through Jesus who is ... Read More »

New Horizons - Stepping Out in Faith

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 8/07/20


Mother Theresa was a woman who constantly took leaps of faith.  She was born in 1910 in Albania and grew up dreaming of becoming a missionary.  In 1928 she took a leap of faith as she joined the Sisters of Loreto.  In 1929 she arrived in India.

In ... Read More »

The Good and the Bad

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 7/18/20

Proclaiming the kingdom of God was central to the life of Jesus. Jews of Jesus’ day understood that God was a king and that his kingdom would be established at the end of time. At the same time on earth there was a clash of kingdoms between the kingdom ... Read More »

An Invitation to Participate in the JustFaith Program

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 7/05/20

Our country is experiencing a pandemic, a badly weakened  economy, and an unveiling of racial inequality.  The United States is not suffering these issues alone, they are global in nature.  How can we understand these issues through the light of faith and allow the truth of our faith to ... Read More »

Do Not Be Afraid!

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 6/20/20

In the Gospel Jesus says that the disciples are to not be afraid to acknowledge him before others.    On this Father’s Day I think about the love that my father had for his faith and how he passed on that faith through all aspects of his life.  That faith ... Read More »

The New Evangelization

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 5/30/20

Years ago, the intention of one of my weekday Masses was for a special needs adult who had died.  What I experienced after Mass taught me about the working of the Holy Spirit. 

After I reached the Gathering Space I was introduced to Randy, the father.  Randy had not ... Read More »


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