Reflections from Fr. Seby

Reflections from Fr. Seby

Homily - July 5, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 7/02/20

A revolution that lasted for 8 years, 4 months and 15 days. A celebration of union that started from 1776, July 4. Celebration of the Day that our great nation is born. Yes, today we celebrate 244th birthday of our great nation. When the first 13 states unanimously agreed ... Read More »

Homily - June 21, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 6/20/20

Magnets, all magnets have two poles, north pole and south pole. And like poles repel but opposite poles attract each other. Today’s gospel is also speaking about kind of two poles, Trust and Fear. I know they are opposite but in the presence of one, the other cannot exit. ... Read More »

Homily - Most Holy Trinity

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 6/06/20

One of the dreaded classes in my theology course was the class about the Holy Trinity. And the funny thing about this class was that our professor had started and ended his class with the same sentence. Trinity is a mystery. What!!! We knew this from our childhood, and ... Read More »

Homily - May 31, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 5/30/20

A dissertation or a thesis. We know the basic structure of a dissertation consists of an Introduction, a body and a conclusion. And it’s obvious to keep our findings or the idea to be proved towards the last of our paper. If we look at the Gospel of John ... Read More »

The Ascension of the Lord

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 5/23/20

The Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ into heaven is one of the mysteries we believe. It marks an end of an era as well as the inauguration of a new beginning. It ended our Lord’s First Coming and inaugurated the anticipation of His Second Coming. The Ascension could ... Read More »

Homily - May 17, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 5/16/20

Jesus was hanged and died on the cross. In the same day he was buried in a nearby cave. From that moment on His disciples were hunted not only by the Jewish soldiers but also by the Romans. The fear and desperation for being the disciples of a blasphemer ... Read More »

Feast of the Good Shepherd

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 5/02/20

Today we celebrate the feast of the Good Shepherd. Everybody loves the image of the good shepherd - Jesus carrying a little lamb on his shoulder. The warmness, the care, the protection, the safety that little lamb was enjoying is beyond our imagination. The little lamb can hear very ... Read More »

Homily - Third Sunday of Easter

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 4/25/20

Pilgrimage!!! Life is a pilgrimage. Our church is a pilgrim church. Many of us do pilgrimage once in a year or so? Pope Francis said when he was addressing a pilgrim group that pilgrimage is a symbol of life. So, what is pilgrimage? What is the importance of pilgrimage ... Read More »

Divine Mercy Sunday

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 4/18/20

We are at the dawn of divine mercy Sunday. When we hear the word Mercy, we have some idea in our head, but the truth is God’s mercy is beyond our imagination. It is more than the common understanding of mercy to say the wiping out of an offense ... Read More »

Homily - Easter Vigil

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 4/11/20

A song which was written by a Methodist priest around 1900 is based on the letter to the Galatians 6:9. Then it was used by civil right movements around US in 1950s, and later around the world. Exactly this is the message of our risen Lord. Let us sing together

We shall overcome, we shall ... Read More »


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