Reflections from Fr. Seby

Reflections from Fr. Seby

Homily - March 29, 2020

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 3/28/20

Today in the readings our Church is trying to give us two messages.

The first message is that our God will not leave in vain those who believe in Him. When we go through the Gospel passage, we could notice that there is a tension in this episode of ... Read More »

Homily - February 29/March 1

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 3/03/20

“At that time Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.” Are you thinking that the Holy Spirit is the one who leads to temptation? That seems strange that the Spirit of God leads Jesus into temptation. And Jesus himself taught us ... Read More »

February 23 Homily

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 2/28/20

God created human being in his image and likeness. This gave them superiority among all created beings. In other words, God gave the ability of creativity to His only creature, human beings. So, they are able to create peace as well as violence in this world. That is why ... Read More »

Ash Wednesday

Posted by Lori Mainiero on 2/28/20

Seasons have different characteristics. Sun, heat and humidity are of summer whereas snow, cold, ice and rain are of winter. As so prayer, fasting and alms giving are the characteristics of Lenten Season. In the gospel Jesus is telling us how to pray, fast and give alms. And the ... Read More »


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