Living the Eucharist

2021 Small Groups Listing
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Frequently Asked Questions
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2021 Small Groups Listing
You may join any group for the purpose of participating in the LTE series.  This will not automatically make you a member of the group for other purposes.
All Groups are Meeting in the Burleigh Center


Sunday Faith Seminar: Michelle Brown   9:30AM to 10:45AM

RCIA: Mike Whitehead   9:30 AM-10:30 AM


Rosary Group: To Be Announced   6:00PM- 7:00PM


Sisterhood Bible Study: Karen Dill   9:30AM-10:30AM

Pastoral Council: Elana Davidson    6:30PM – 7:30PM


Thursday Night Bible Study: Cameron Dean    6:00PM to 7:00PM

Youree Drive Fellowship Group: Michelle Brown 6:30 PM-7:30 PM



Frequently Asked Questions

What is this “Living the Eucharist”?

It is a WONDERFUL Lenten bible/prayer study that meets in small groups to discuss the Sunday Lenten Readings and to pray together. Group members receive a booklet for the study and a facilitator to lead the meetings.  

How much time will it take?

Not long but very worthwhile! The meetings should run between an hour     and an hour and 15 minutes once a week. There is also preparation time at home spent reading and thinking about the passages the week prior to a small group meeting. This time varies depending on the person, but can be completed in less than an hour once a week.

Am I now a permanent member of the organization with which I sign up to do this study?

No. You are only signing up for this Lenten study. Someone from that organization may be leading the study, but not necessarily. The group would love to have you as a member but participating in this study does not obligate you to join an organization.

Will the discussion groups be large?

No. Large groups will be divided into smaller discussion groups that will then meet as such for the entire study. This small group organization is to foster a comfortable atmosphere and a safe place in which to share and have ample opportunity to be heard if one wishes to speak.  The groups should be 7 to 10 people and may not exceed 10 members.

What if I miss a meeting?

The study developers encourage participants to try to attend the same small group every week of the study to foster community within the group, but you can attend another meeting. Beginning on a Sunday, all groups will be enjoying the same lesson that given week. Feel free to attend any meeting engaging in the lesson for that week. If you cannot make any of the meetings, you are encouraged to read the material on your own and return to your small group the next week.

What is the cost of the study?

No payment is required to attend the study or to receive a booklet; you only need to sign up on the sheets in the church foyer or contact Michelle Brown. Envelopes will be available at the meetings for anyone who would like to donate to cover the costs of this program. A donation of $12.00 a person would cover the costs.

What if I am not “good” at discussing my feelings or faith matters with a group?

No one will force anyone to speak in these small groups, but the small group design is meant to give members opportunities to participate.  With just a few people from the community present who get to know one another, hopefully the atmosphere will foster a comfort that will allow one who is not used to such sharing to experience it if he/she wishes.

This study has several different opportunities in any given week for one to participate, like identifying one word in a gospel reading that stands out to offering a prayer intention. Maybe you may find a method of sharing with which you feel comfortable.