Wedding Music

Wedding Music -

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  1. Entrance / Processional Song or Instrumental
  2. The Gloria is included in the new Marriage Rite
  3. Psalm -between First and Second Readings
  4. Gospel Acclamation "Alleluia" -before the Gospel
  5. Marriage Rite includes options for an acclamation after the Vows and Rings.
  6. Preparation of Gifts
  7. Eucharistic acclamations – Holy, Memorial Acc, Amen, Lamb of God – Mass of Creation 193 Mass of Joy and Peace - 207 Alonso     Storrington Mass 230
  8. Communion
  9. Exit or Recessional – an Instrumental or Song

CD “When Christians Marry” has a wide variety of music.  

Wedding Music Samples | St. Theresa Catholic Church | Austin, TX 

Prelude or Gifts   see also “Marriage Rite” songs

Ave Maria -Schubert - Fleming

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) Fleming

Canon in D - Pachelbel -Berliner phil         Canon In D -Organ - Pachelbel  

Ave maria -BACH-Gounod-  Pavarotti

Panis Angelicus - Franck ; Fleming          Panis Angelicus - Franck ; Pavarotti


  1. Entrance Music, Hymns, Instrumentals, for Entrance / processional and Exit  

Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring by Bach (Lyrics)

Canon in D - Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

Trumpet Voluntary - w. fanfare - Prince of Denmark's March" Clarke 

Tr. Vol. - Prince of Denmark's March -by Clarke; trumpet - Marsalis 

Kathleen Battle & Wynton Marsalis - Baroque Duet - Let the Bright Seraphim

Set Your Heart On The Higher Gifts 708

Love has Brought us Here Together - 969 Starts 3:20 HYFRYDOL

The Clouds' Veil 710

God in the Planning 970  (Bridegroom and Bride)    

Now Thank We All Our God - 636 arr. Rutter (hymn at 00:45)

Now Thank We All Our God 636

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You 614  Royal Albert Hall          Good one!

Joyful, Joyful, 614  - Mormon

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling - 641                      

Not for Tongues of Heaven’s Angels 709

O God Beyond All Praising -arr Proulx - Villanova 598

O God Beyond All Praising 598 Proulx

O God Beyond All Praising 598  arr. Hopson

O God Beyond All Praising 5 98 Mormon Choir

Covenant Hymn, R. Cooney 904  [starts with - Wherever You go...]

  1. The Gloria is included in the new Marriage Rite

 Mass of Creation 193    Mass of Joy and Peace - 207 Alonso          Storrington Mass 230

  1. Liturgy of the Word - Psalm and Gospel Acclamation

Hymnal Nos from Gather First edition 1993

 Wedding Psalm

May the Lord Bless us (Ref II Blest are Those) – Haugen / Ps 128 / No 86

The Lord Is Kind and Merciful – Ps 103 / No. 75 Haugen

The Lord is Kind and Merciful – 72 Cotter

Taste and See – Moore 930

Taste and See – 45

Gospel Acclamation Celtic Alleluia 334 -Brass, Organ, Choir

  1. Preparation of Gifts - a hymn or song from the Entrance music or below
  2. Marriage Rite includes options for an acclamation after the Vows

 and an acclamation or song after the Rings.

 When Love Is Found - 966     Covenant Hymn 904  (Wherever You Go)

  Wherever You Go - 968 Haas       In Love We Choose to Live (Green Gather 873 ) Not in new hymnal

  1. Eucharistic acclamations – Mass of Creation, Storrington

Mass of Creation 193 Mass of Joy and Peace - 207 Alonso  Storrington Mass 230

  1. Communion You Are Mine 721          Take and Eat 950  

We Come to Your Feast 938                             Deep Within No 486

On Eagle’s Wings 691                                      Table Song 923

 Exit or Recessional –Instrumental or Song ( FasterJ ) also see Entrance music

Hymn to Joy, Ludwig von Beethoven

Ode to Joy/ Hymn to Joy /  Ode an die Freude -starts 2:35   Beethoven

Alla Hornpipe -Water Music- Handel  - organ           Alla Hornpipe - orchestra

 The Rejoicing - Royal Fireworks -Handel

Psalm 19, The Heaven’s Declare the Glory of God, Benedetto Marcello

Rondeau - Mouret  Solomon- organ, Wuersch, trumpet